Hypothyroidism Success Story

Breakfast that gives you energy

If you are feeling horrible throughout the day and hanging on to weight you just can't lose, the answer starts with breakfast (or lack thereof)... My belly used to expand as
Hypothyroidism Success Story

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue

When the body is functioning properly, it produces energy and uses that energy to detox itself... You have more energy than you have toxins... When the level of toxicity in the body
Hypothyroidism Success Story

Energy Troubleshooting Guide

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcB3z1w0K5A&feature=youtu.be I used to think that the reason I was feeling always tired was because I had poor thyroid function…  … But there's a lot more to energy than just low thyroid
Hypothyroidism Success Story

How to Produce and Balance Hormones

I was talking to my friend... a doctor... ... and I asked him about hypothyroidism... He said... "If you have low thyroid hormone, you'll have to take T4 hormone for the rest of
How to get more energy

How to Get More Energy

https://vimeo.com/349246784 I remember when I experienced debilitating fatigue... I was laying on the couch... Not because I was lazy... ... but because I had worse than zero energy... No amount of sleep would restore my