Hashimoto’s Root Cause

When I was 28 years old, I was told that I was going to have to take thyroid hormones for the rest of my life… I somehow refused to believe that and set out to go find the root cause of why my body wasn’t producing thyroid hormones… In this video I walk you through…

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How to Stop Thyroid Hair Loss And Grow Thick Hair Again

Thyroid Hair Loss Pictures

Scalp showing through? Hair noticeably thinner? Hair falling out more than ever especially at eyebrows, temples & forehead? My hair was coming out in large amounts as I was lathering my hair in the shower… It was on my hands… The shower curtain… The wall… The drain was going to be clogged for sure after…

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10 Hypothyroidism Symptoms That Made Me Feel Miserable

Hypothyroidism Symptoms

At first I thought I was just aging as I became fatigued, gained weight, and started losing my hair… … but when those became extreme, when I put on 32 lbs in less than a month… when I started losing wads of hair, I had a gut feeling that something else was wrong… I was…

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Hypothyroidism and Gut Health

You’d think that eating a salad meant I was being healthy… but when my hypothyroidism was at its peak, I struggled with digesting food and feeling awful after eating even if it was just a salad!! Somedays I’d feel a piercing pain in my stomach and other days I’d feel my stomach bubble and build…

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Hypothyroidism & Low Vitamin D

In this series I’m going to talk about… How Vitamin D boosts energy, clears brain fog, and helps you lose weight (even if you “think” you’ve tried everything with no results)… It makes me sick – no pun intended, though it should be – that not one single “professional” I talked to ever told me about…

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Foods Good For Thyroid & Adrenals

It feels so good to have energy again and to not be gaining weight non-stop. This wasn’t always the case since I didn’t know my diet had a huge impact on my thyroid. The foods I was eating were not helping me get better and looking back, I think they were the reason for most…

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Foods For Hypothyroidism Weight & Fatigue

Thyroid Supplements

It didn’t seem to matter what foods I ate… thanks to hypothyroidism I just kept gaining weight. It didn’t matter how long I slept… thanks to hypothyroidism I could sleep all day and still be tired. It was so frustrating… … was… Never would I have thought that food played a HUGE role with being…

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Juicing Recipes For Hypothyroidism Fatigue & Weight Loss

Juicing for hypothyroidism

I had reached a point where extreme, intense fatigue hit me like a load of bricks. I kept gaining weight even though I was paying close attention to my diet and exercised frequently. My skin became dry, nails brittle and what finally made me want to do something about this was my hair started falling…

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11 Natural Treatments for Hypothyroidism

In 2012 I was dealing with hypothyroidism. Poofff, 32 pounds automagically appeared. I became extremely fatigued, brain fogged, full of digestive issues and my hair started falling off! As I went out and started researching, I became aware that most resources talking about hypothyroidism are not only confusing, but often times point people in the…

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How to Use Turmeric For Hypothyroidism (Curcumin)

turmeric for hypothyroidism

There are many hypothyroid symptoms that make our life a living hell… a few of these include hair falling off, digestive issues, joint pain and inflammation… not to mention fatigue and the never ending weight gain… One of the ways I was able to deal with all these involves turmeric. To understand how to use…

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