You’d think that eating a salad meant I was being healthy… but when my hypothyroidism was at its peak, I struggled with digesting food and feeling awful after eating even if it was just a salad!!

Somedays I’d feel a piercing pain in my stomach and other days I’d feel my stomach bubble and build up so much gas the pressure would hurt!!

I used to describe it as if I had a hole in my stomach before I even heard the term leaky gut and before I learned about the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

This is when I first started to realize that health really does start in the gut. I read the book Clean by Alejandro Jurgen and I began to focus all of my energy and efforts in cleaning up my gut and restructuring my gut flora.

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I realized that my body was not even uptaking nutrients because my gut was too toxic and didn’t have the right gut flora which really didn’t help my hypothyroidism.

It’s the reason why I followed this simple formula Green Juice + Probiotics + intermittent fasting as Alejandro talks about in the video above.

Once I started to learn more about how the body works, I realized the importance of diet and started to learn more about cooking foods that would promote gut health. Some people call this traditional cooking where we go back to traditional or old ways of preparing and cooking foods.

Once I healed my gut I started to feel the energy I needed to do the active things I love to do like hike, mountain bike, snowboard. I stopped gaining weight and started leaning down almost effortlesly.

I started to sleep better, and my mood improved… many of the things I dealt with like depression, anxiety, lack of focus, dry skin, hair loss, fatigue, etc., were all problems that started in my gut.

Fix your gut and watch everything else take care of itself…

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    • Amy Narasky

      Hi Jorge,
      I have followed you for a long time and purchased the organifi green juice. I have hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, low vitamin D. I have had to have a double mastectomy and hysterectomy and can not take any hormones due to cancer risk. I am trying to work on cleaning my gut because I have major digestive issues. I had done a 21 day juicing fast but it wasn’t enough to really clean me out. I did not add the oxy powder and I am sure that would have helped. I purchased a lot of products by your recommendations as well as some recommended by the gut healing diet you recommended. My problem is now I have all these products and still not really sure how to implement them. I understand the intermittent fasting and to have the organifi green juice as a “breakfast” to keep my body in a fasting state but am I supposed to eat normal the rest of the time?? Do I put all these supplements in the green juice?? Is it okay to mix them all together or how do I split them out? I know you are not a doctor and I may not have the same issues you have but you are so knowledgeable and so many of my issues mirror your exact situation. These are all the supplements I bought and am hoping you can point me in the right direction.
      Organifi green juice powder
      The Pro Biotic you recommended
      Selenium pills
      Fish Oil pills (for Omega 3s)
      Vitamin C Powder
      Suntrex D3 liquid
      And a Magnesium Supplement

      I purchased one of your programs which gives recipes but I still don’t know how to implement everything. You had also mention Oxy Powder but I assumed that is what the magnesium powder supplement was for so if the oxy powder would be a better option or I can do both I can get that as well. I tried to get into your last “diet group – I think it was a beta testing group you were doing” but I didn’t make it in before the group was closed.

      • Hip Hip Jorge

        I sent you an email… keep me up to date with your success!

    • Amy Narasky

      I also forgot that I purchased the Liver Cod Oil and Butter Fat supplement as well. Thank you so much for your time and help!

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