There are many hypothyroid symptoms that make our life a living hell… a few of these include hair falling off, digestive issues, joint pain and inflammation… not to mention fatigue and the never ending weight gain…

One of the ways I was able to deal with all these involves turmeric.

To understand how to use turmeric for hypothyroidism you first have to understand inflammation.

In fact, back in 2012, when I was gaining a lot of weight and my hair was falling off, I remember thinking to myself “I don’t feel fat, I feel more like bloated and inflamed”…

I was having a lot of digestive issues and still remember how gassy I used to get after eating just about anything. I remember especially whenever I used to eat meats, my stomach would bubble and I’d be super gassy.

I didn’t know much about health at the time and I asked my mother who was a little more knowledgeable than me at the time what could be wrong with me? that I felt as if I had a hole in my gut.

Sure enough, it was the beginning of leaky gut, and IBS.

Well, here’s what was going on.

Inflammation is simple to understand.

The body is NOT designed to absorb protein. The body is designed to build its own protein.

So any time you eat protein, the body must first break down the protein into amino acids and then it will build its own protein.

It’s like feeding the body a brick wall… it must first take apart the bricks and then take those bricks and build its own wall.

When the body builds protein it gets registered and becomes part of your DNA, that way the body knows that the protein is “you”. Whenever the body comes across a protein that it did not build itself, it will try to break it down or get rid of it.

If the body can’t break down the protein, it will build mucus around it to protect itself and that’s what inflammation is… it’s undigested proteins in the body that were not built by the body… foreign proteins…

Gluten is a great example. It’s a protein that’s very hard to digest, which is why it causes so much inflammation, and builds up mucus in your gut, but I digress.

So let’s tie this together.

One big reason why I was hypothyroid and dealing with all these horrible symptoms was because I had digestive issues.

One reason was iodine deficiency was causing low stomach acid (iodine is NOT just for the thyroid). In fact, the main reason why I take iodine is not for my thyroid, but rather I use iodine for stomach acid. Low stomach acid made it harder to digest proteins… these proteins were irritating my gut and was the beginning of my leaky gut and hypothyroidism… here’s why:

Once the thyroid produces the hormone T4, the liver must then take T4 and convert it into the active thyroid hormone T3. To do so, it needs bioavailable protein, meaning well digested protein. Since I couldn’t properly digest protein, my liver wasn’t getting the protein it needed. Instead my adrenal glands kicked in, they started releasing the stress hormone cortisol to break down muscle so it could get the protein it needed to function.

Unfortunately, cortisol inhibits the liver from converting T4 into T3 so I ended up hypothyroid. When the adrenals are fatigued, releasing too much stress hormone that’s when your skin becomes dry, your hair starts falling off, nails get brittle, and you feel fatigued.

So when I talk about eating or drinking anti-inflammatory things like turmeric, understand that I am helping my body digest proteins lurking around my body creating inflammation.

One way I helped myself was by drinking a pineapple, papaya smoothie, which I share the recipe here on my home page.

The other way is by taking herbs or drinking other anti-inflammatory things like turmeric.

My favorite for this is a Lemon + MSM + Turmeric drink.

  • 1-2 organic lemons (juice only)
  • 2 tsp MSM powder
  • 1/4 tsp Turmeric
  • Dash of nutmeg
  • 750 mL of clean drinking water

MSM is also anti-inflammatory so the synergy effect of these two ingredients combined is amazing for hypothyroidism.

MSM is extremely bitter, but the lemon masks the flavor of MSM so if you find the drink too bitter, you can either reduce the MSM and build up or add more lemon juice.

Whatever you do, do NOT add sugar or any kind of sweetener to this.

This is one of the liquids I drink in the morning after I drink my green juice, and it helps me get rid of undigested proteins.

One last benefit I’ll mention about turmeric is that it also helps the brain to uptake oxygen which helped me with my brain fog.

This is the turmeric I use (click here)

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    • Melanie

      I do not know what MSM is? Also, did you attend Faulkner State?

      • Hip Hip Jorge

        MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane… I just think of it as sulfur and use it for joint pain, reduce inflammation and boost immunity… I went to ASU 🙂

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