In this series I’m going to talk about…

How Vitamin D boosts energy, clears brain fog, and helps you lose weight (even if you “think” you’ve tried everything with no results)…

It makes me sick – no pun intended, though it should be – that not one single “professional” I talked to ever told me about getting tested for Vitamin D.

So here’s what happened…

My “young” days appeared to be over when I found myself unable to lose weight…

I just kept gaining weight no matter what…

I was tired, moody and achy.

I remember going to the gym and being unable to recover from the work outs… it was almost like that workout made me permanently “stressed”…

As days went by, it got harder and harder to stay active and laying on the couch became a more frequent activity.

I didn’t quite want to spend time on the couch, but when extreme fatigue hit, I had no choice.

Around the same time, I was noticing that my allergies were getting worse.

I started developing digestive issues.

Then came autoimmune conditions.

My body was under attack.

It was attacking itself.

I ended up going to the hospital after I broke out in hives.

It started out as a little mosquito bite with an itch so strong it was hard not to scratch… then little by little, the affected area began to spread across my back… then my arms… then legs… About 60 to 75% of my body broke out in hives and I felt just plain miserable…

This triggered my curiosity on autoimmune conditions and I came to find out there was a DIRECT LINK between low Vitamin D and the immune system.

Simply stated:

Low Vitamin D makes you more prone to autoimmune diseases…

So I started researching the link between Vitamin D and autoimmune conditions.


What I found was that all the fatigue, stress, weight gain, brain fog, depression anxiety and many more things that were making my life miserable had more to do with gut health (immune system) than my thyroid.

This was a huge breakthrough because for the first time I had hope that I could get my energy back and lose weight again.

So I started to work on my diet to boost vitamin D, and heal my gut.

Just a couple years later it was time to put everything I’d done to the test. I ran a tough mudder, a 10+ mile obstacle course race.

It is tough enough just to finish, but for me this was a bigger victory because I saw myself run faster than others, have more energy than others, recover faster than others…

It was the first time I felt my energy was back to normal and I could be active again. I no longer had to “live” on the couch.

Changing my diet had possibly the biggest impact in getting my energy back and losing weight.

I’ll be sharing more about the thyroid diet I followed in future articles. If you want to stay in the loop, and learn more about diet (what to eat and what to avoid) to get more energy and lose weight comment “Info” below.

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