It feels so good to have energy again and to not be gaining weight non-stop. This wasn’t always the case since I didn’t know my diet had a huge impact on my thyroid.

The foods I was eating were not helping me get better and looking back, I think they were the reason for most of my fatigue and weight gain…

Before I learned about foods that are good for thyroid health, I used to eat pretty much anything without questioning. I used to eat out a lot and spent a lot of time at breweries eating and drinking, which is a habit I’ve had to break and has helped me tremendously.

Rather than writing a post about foods you’ve probably already heard of, I wanted to share some that you don’t hear about often, but I strongly believe you should since these are some of the foods that helped me the most…

#1 Foods High In Healthy Fats for thyroid hormone production

When people ask me what I did to get my energy back, my number one answer is to detox (clean the body from the inside) and eat more healthy fats…

Here’s why…

As I became aware that my body was not producing enough hormones I started researching to figure out why. What I came across that worked was increasing my vitamins A, D, E, and K… These vitamins are the raw material your body uses to produce the hormones that affect your metabolism most…

What these vitamins all have in common is that they are fat soluble meaning they dissolve in fat. Naturally you will find these vitamins in foods high in healthy fats like:

  • Avocado
  • Coconut oil
  • hemp seeds
  • Salmon
  • Cod
  • Liver
  • Raw dairy products

We talk about these foods and other supplements that help with thyroid fatigue and weight in our program hormone jumpstart.

Here’s a recipe that can be a snack or light breakfast…

1/2 Avocado
Stone ground pink himalayan salt or celtic sea salt (to taste)
1500 mg Turmeric

There is a huge difference between culinary turmeric, which is what you find at most stores and real cold pressed turmeric, so make sure you get the right kind (the extra cost is worth it).

#2 Bone broth

One of my favorite foods for thyroid health is actually bone broth. You don’t hear many people mentioning this one, yet it has been one of my favorites since I’ve started.

I actually came across bone broth when I was trying to ease joint pain and looking for something for my skin, which was very dry at the time.

There are many benefits to eating bone broth, but the two that I found most important were

a) it is easily digestible protein
b) collagen (for skin, nails and hair)

Getting enough protein is very important for thyroid health since the liver uses protein to convert the thyroid hormone T3 into T4.

The biggest thing about bone broth is that it needs to be made the traditional way using all organs and bones.

I usually only have this when grandma makes it for me. Otherwise I drink this bone broth protein instead.

#3 Fermented foods for gut health

Thyroid issues are rarely isolated. Usually when people have thyroid issues they also have liver or gut health issues.

In my case, I used to have a lot of digestive issues. I started becoming allergic to many foods and had an especially hard time digesting proteins.

As a home brewer I learned about digestive enzymes which are what break down food for you… these digestive enzymes come from different strains of beneficial bacteria which live in your gut.

When you eat too much processed foods, junk or sugar you begin to grow bad bacteria in your gut, which damages your gut and triggers autoimmune problems.

Fermented foods are foods prepared in a way that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

I often talk about Maureen Valvidia as an example of what fermented foods can do for you.

Maureen has hashimoto’s and she got her energy back, got rid of brain fog and was able to lose weight simply by focusing on a gut-healing diet. You can read more about the foods she ate here.

Again, this post assumes you’ve been following for a while and know about green juices, ashwaghanda, maca, and others I talk about in my email newsletter.

If you want to learn more about the things I did to get rid of thyroid fatigue and how I was able to lose weight again, click here.

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