Vitamin D 101

Your main source of energy begins here

Here's the Vitamin D protocol I followed...

You'll want to do this upon waking and before going to bed.

Only supplement with Vitamin D3 until you reach blood levels of 55ng/mL of Vitamin D. After that, stick to just Fermented Cod Liver Oil... you can also work towards getting vitamin D directly from the sun...

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6 responses to “Vitamin D 101”

  1. I love the video and this is some good information because i have suffered for 3 years of trying everything and spending thousands of dollars on medication food and doctors and since i started following you and drinking the green juice and fasting my vit d levels are finally on the low end of the normal range when it had always been 19 or lower i cant thank you enough and i have lost weight

  2. FIRST – where can I change that picture (geez)

    My last meal day I had

    Stopped eating at 12 midnight and work up around 1330

    1530 I mixed my green drink with my vega protein mix( sugar free and plant based), 2 T Flax Seed and Maca Powder

    Drank that prior to work and took my vitamins and probiotic with it.

    2200 I had lasagna (I use dairy free parma cheese, Italian organic ricotta, organic mozzarella and almond based noodles) organic sugar free sauce and organic ground beef

    I also had a salad (no dressing) spinach, butter lettuce, carrots, dairy free yellow cheese, an egg and sunflower seeds

    I had three simple mills cookies

    Licorice mint tea
    Ginger tea

    To get my diet more in line with this teaching I could eat more eggs, also add a tablespoon of coconut oil to my drink mix.

    Lisa B.

  3. I have been eating out too much. I think what I can do is stop ingesting bad oils that’s prominent in restaurant food and switch to more coconut oil in my food. Yesterday I was out all day so it wasn’t great but I started the day with bulletproof coffee to remain in fasted state. I couldn’t take my juice as I normally Donne cause I was out. Lunch was four tacos. Dinner was pasta made with gluten free pasta and grass fed beef.

  4. I’ve not had much of an appetite for the past couple weeks. Nothing is wrong, I am just not hungry. Today I had a cheesestick, some pecans, Lily’s choc (no sugar, they use monk fruit) covered raisins (I know I know carbs) and some corned beef.

    Yesterday I had chicken and a salad (no dressing)

  5. I have been eating grass fed brats, eggs, spinach, and sauerkraut lately. I eat 1 or 2 times a day. I drink well over a gallon per day, plus 1 to 3 cups if coffee through the day. I need to get avocado and definitely incorporate more of those in my diet.

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