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How to Jumpstart Your Hormones!

… feel more energy, recover faster, lose weight again, have a sharp mind and more!!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”16″ font_font=”Cabin”]When I did my juice fast, I experienced a different version of my body… it wasn’t the same body used to running on sugar as a source of fuel, but instead it was a new machine using fat as a source of fuel.

Granted, it was inefficient since I’d never really used fat as my primary source of fuel… I’d never fasted or followed a ketogenic type of diet…

I didn’t know my body could run on fat as a source of fuel, and the body takes on a set of different rules when it does.

This set the foundation to understanding how to boost my vitamin D and by doing so boosting and balancing ALL of my hormones…

It also set the foundation to healing my gut, which is possibly the hardest out of all this, but sooOOoo worth the time and effort.

Here are the basic concepts you must keep in mind when boosting your vitamin D.

#1 Vitamin D is only ONE OF FOUR important vitamins needed to boost all hormones. You need Vitamin A, D, E, and K… and the important thing to keep in mind is that these four vitamins are FAT SOLUBLE vitamins…

#2 The main nutrient needed for these vitamins is cholesterol

#3 You need a healthy gut to be able to produce hormones out of these vitamins and nutrients

I covered this in more detail with our Energy & Fat Loss Study Group… here’s one of the trainings I shared with that group.[/text_block]



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”16″ font_font=”Cabin”]Below are the videos I released when I first launched Hormone Jumpstart… I focused a lot on cholesterol, which I still think is important, but below I’ll wrap everything up and clear up confusion…[/text_block]

Understanding Hormones

Fast Start – What To Do


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”16″ font_font=”Cabin”]So to wrap things up…

This is my approach to hormone production…

#1 – I do intermittent fasting… I eat my last meal around 6pm so by 6 am (12 hours later) I enter the fasted state where my body begins to use fat as a source of fuel.

I’ve found that the fasted state is the best state to supplement with vitamin D.

I remember reading that if you skip breakfast, it would raise your cortisol levels and put your body under more stress… umm, not exactly…

I found that if I’m sleeping while my body is entering the fasted state, I don’t experience that… so plan accordingly and eat your last meal earlier in the day…

Also, during my fasted state 6am – 12pm, I drink organifi green juice, which has turmeric, spirulina and other amino acids…

Remember, the body releases cortisol to break down muscle if it feels like it doesn’t have adequate protein or amino acids… so drinking green juice with spirulina is my way of taking in amino acids AND stay in the fasted state… the turmeric in the green juice also helps reduce cortisol… win win…

Also the green juice has chlorella that help remove toxins from my body… I’ll tell you why this is very important on the next module…

#2 I eat healthy fats throughout the day (avocado, coconut oil, hemp seeds, etc.) and eat about 4 eggs so I’m eating about 800 mg of cholesterol… sometimes I eat them raw, sometimes I soft boil them for about 5 minutes so the egg whites are cooked, but the yolk is liquid… I may do over easy, etc.

That’s where I get cholesterol… I also like to sautee mushrooms since they are good sources of Vitamin D and selenium

Fat is important because it allows vitamin D to dissolve into it… cholesterol is important because all hormones are made from it and it helps emulsify fats so it can be digested… they work in synergy…

#3 Last… probably the missing piece for most people and what I see most neglected area is to eat gut healing foods… fermented foods.

If you want long term results, then focus your attention on healing your gut, because if you can’t digest the foods I’m mentioning, then it’s almost as if you weren’t eating…

In fact, NOT all people with hypothyroidism have a hard time losing weight… there are some who are skinny, underweight and the problem is the same… it’s the gut not digesting food properly for uptake…

Once I understood this, I enrolled in Traditional Cooking School and decided to learn how to prepare easy to digest meals and put together a gut healing diet.

This protocol I’m sharing with you is actually gut healing…

2 hours before going to bed I’ll take FERMENTED cod liver oil which…

#1 It’s fermented

#2 It contains both Vitamin A & D.

I can’t emphasize enough that It IS a fermented food… fermented foods are gut healing foods!!

… and note the ingredients it’s made out of… cod liver oil (Fat) and Rich butter oil (Fat + Cholesterol)…

When I first started sharing this, I remember some people emailed me saying that they were already taking cod liver oil and that it wasn’t working for them… I told them that it was because it wasn’t fermented… if you take regular cod liver oil, your body has to digest it in your gut, but as I realized I had gut issues, that wouldn’t happen.

Fermented means that regular cod liver oil was digested by probiotics and during fermentation it took the cholesterol from butter and the nutrients from cod liver oil and made vitamin A & D… that would have happened in my gut if I had that bacteria in my gut…

… but I knew I didn’t, which was the problem… this was THE ROOT CAUSE of pretty much all of my health issues!!!

The solution was to take fermented cod liver oil because not only am I getting vitamin A & D from it, but I’m ALSO getting the bacteria that digests these types of food into my gut << That’s the KEY POINT most miss so go back and re read this until it sinks in!

I also remembered some saying they were drinking green juice… but they were juicing their own or buying it somewhere else… maybe even used Organifi green juice, but they were adding orange juice or something else that had SUGAR…

You have to be aware that if you want to heal your gut, you are going to have to cut back on sugar, especially in the morning… or if you do eat sugar, then learn to moderate it and balance it which you can learn at hypothyroidism revolution or in our Energy & Fat Loss Study Group.

That’s what a gut healing diet is all about… you want to increase the number of probiotics and good friendly bacteria in your gut… not just bacteria that digests fats, but also the ones that break down proteins, carbs… and how about those that protect you against autoimmune disorders…

That’s in a nutshell what I mean when I say I do a Hormone Jumpstart…

#1 Fast

#2 Eat healthy fats/cholesterol

#3 Eat gut healing foods

Here’s a couple more things to consider…

During the fasted state, it’s important to drink A LOT of liquids. You should drink 1 oz per pound of normal body weight… so if your normal body weight is 120 lbs, you should drink about 120 oz which is roughly about a gallon.

I personally like to drink 1 quart of water with 2 scoops of organifi green juice as part of my morning liquids.

I also like to drink kombucha which is part of the gut healing diet I follow from traditional cooking schools.

… and the rest of my liquids is primarily water.

So from 6 am until 12pm, noon I’m drinking all these liquids and about 2 hours before eating I’ll take some fermented cod liver oil.

Here’s my thinking…

Fasting makes my body use fat as a source of fuel. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which means it dissolves in fat.

So my body is primed to uptake vitamin D and I don’t want to ruin that by eating sugar on my first meal. Instead I’ll eat a ketogenic based meal.

I like to drink a green smoothie.

2 cups of water
1 tbsp of centrifuged coconut oil
1/2 avocado
2 tbsp of hemp seeds
1 scoop organifi green juice
1 scoop bone broth protein

Notice how this is a fat & protein rich meal with almost no sugar… it’s the perfect vehicle for vitamin D… fermented cod liver oil has vitamin A & D… avocado has vitamin E & K… so you’re getting ALL FOUR vitamins.

Now diet wise this is textbook perfect, but there’s still one BIG issue… these foods will be limited by your body’s ability to digest and uptake them…

This is where probiotics and a gut healing diet come in…

Here’s a video where I talk about probiotics and show you how to make them…[/text_block]

Video 7
Probiotics for hormones



Video 7
Probiotics for hormones



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there’s really no “best” time to take probiotics… I just like to do it throughout the day. I’ll drink them in the morning when I have kombucha. I’ll drink them with my first meal, and with dinner.

Dinner is my meal to play around with. For the most part I stick to a paleo type of diet like Practical Paleo, but more important than the type of diet, I focus on preparation methods. I include a lot of fermented foods (which you’ll see mentioned in Practical Paleo) like sauerkraut, kimchi, sourdough bread and other gut healing food recipes from traditional cooking school.

These foods help restructure my gut flora because they are easy to digest and contain the probiotics my gut needs.

So in summary…

#1 I fast

#2 I go ketogenic (use fat & cholesterol as a source of fuel)

#3 I eat gut healing foods (probiotics)

I do this over and over… This is my maintenance plan… my daily habit if you will. It’s what I default to.

Sure, I’ll eat early breakfast and carbs every now and then, when I go out with friends, but most of my days I do intermittent fasting, I eat plant based ketogenic meals for my first meal and for dinner I focus on fermented or gut healing foods.

Now I talked about doing 5 days of green juice fasting to truly reset your hormones… it’s the same exact process except it is prolonged…

Think of it this way…

On a daily basis it looks like this:

6 hours of fasting
6 hours of ketogenic + cholesterol + gut healing foods

When do you 5 days of juice fasting it looks like this:

5 days of fasting
5 days of ketogenic + cholesterol + gut healing foods

… and then I go into my default day to day which is intermittent fasting, ketogenic lunch, gut healing dinner.

Now you may be thinking… what about my favorite meal? this sounds boring… I can’t eat the foods I like?

I’m a foodie myself… pizza is still my favorite…

I’ve been doing this since 2012 so believe me, I’ll treat myself to pizza every now and then… but when you follow this diet and you experience your body feeling more energy, your brain fog go away and it’s replaced with a sharp mind that allows you to focus and remember things, when you start losing weight and start craving doing active things because of how good you feel, you’ll notice that your cravings for the foods you “think” you love will start to go away…

I think of this as a tool… that’s it.

I’ve gone on vacation and I can’t exactly follow this diet, not to mention I want to try and experience new foods when I’m traveling… I break all the rules… but again I don’t think of them as rules… it’s just what I found works…

So I’ll enjoy myself, and then if I feel like my hormones are out of balance or my Vitamin D drops and need a boost of energy, I know exactly what to do. I simply supplement with fermented cod liver oil (vitamin D) and follow these 3 steps:

#1 Fast

#2 Ketogenic + cholesterol Diet

#3 Gut healing foods

That’s it!!

Pretty simple right?

There are some struggles and after years of sharing this with others I learned the most common roadblocks people face and what to do about them…

I’ll be sharing that in the next module[/text_block]