How Green Juice Helps You Have More Energy...

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    • Thanks for sharing and teaching ! My health plummeted after misdiagnosis and then gut couldn’t tolerate salad etc then leaky gut, low thyroid and do not trust doctors now. You are first person to pinpoint and explain thoroughly where the problems start and give help to heal. Thanks so much, I have hope now and would love more info. From you. Donna

  1. You know I’m out here.. I’m a supporter πŸ™‚

    Going for my blood work in a month, anxious.. I know I’ve still got a thyroid issue (low basal temp) Brittle hair, but I’m hoping to have kept the levels down. I feel great though and sticking to the paleo/keto diet. no sweeteners or under 2 grams if I must.

    It will be interesting.

    Be well


  2. Please send me more info. Thanks. I have just been able to watch the videos but am very interested. Thanks for all the amazing info.

  3. Finally! Everything is making sense! Thank you for the breakdown on our digestive system. I stopped eating lunch at work because I was so uncomfortable after. The bloating is an awful feeling! I LOVE Pressed Juice so thank you for the initial video. Can hardly wait for the rest of the information. I’m excited!

  4. I really am interested in more info to help my Hoshimotos Thyroiditis/Hypothyroidism. I am feeling really bad and doctors have not been helpful. My joints are becomeing more and more achy and I have had no energy. Your video made a lot of since and I am interested in info on how and what to juice. Need recipes for green juice etc for intermitant fasting. I look forward to learning more and to finally get my life back and energy back. I need to lose the weight I gained from recent attach on adrenals and thyroid. I just want to feel and look better and not be in so much pain. Thank you.

  5. Hi there,
    Plz send me more info. . Also Is there any email address to contact you.
    It took 15 yrs to diagnose that I have hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency and fibromyalgia . I’m on levithyroxine and liothyronine for the last 6 months but no improvement. I am overly fatigued with muscular pains and weakness . I have serious digestive issues with a huge DISTENDED stomach . Really need your help and guidance step by step to regain my health.
    Your success story has given me hope and inspiration to start AFRESH.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. May God bless you for helping others unconditionally. You re an amazing human being .πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Stay blessed

    • Hi Saadia,

      I just sent you an email… I will keep you posted for when we open up enrollment to our next Energy & Fat Loss Study Group!

  6. You explain this information very well. Very interesting. Please send more information. I love learning how to take better care of my health.
    Thank You for what you are doing to help people.

    • I do both…
      I prefer fresh pressed green juice, but I use organifi when I’m on the run (plus it does have really good ingredients)

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